Sean Kemp is an artist living and working in Glasgow, Scotland and a graduate of Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

Working between mediums of photography, writing, performance and installation, Sean Kemp’s practice approaches exchanges of violence, ranging from the extreme to the vernacular, examining instances, systems and objects that deal with ideas of victimhood, entrapment, and erotic revelation.

Scripts, blueprints, drawings and diagrams - documents which pre-empt or prelude a creation - form the starting point of Kemp’s work, with the outlined events or items explored through a series of re-enactment procedures: re-creation, re-performance, and re-telling are employed as a means of comprehension and a movement towards inhabitance. Sculptural forms are developed in relationship to tools and instruments, affecting contemplation on their functionality in a wider dynamic of violence. Equally, photographic media is employed in terms of surfaces or backdrops, emphasising the sense of re-enactment inherent to the work, their content pursuing a restless environment in which elements of the land, specifically that of rural agricultural land, hint at a quiet violence.